Thursday, November 18, 2010

"But I know one thing; I love you."

We're finally home!

Our move to the new house was so great, our movers were great, the house is amazing and we are both so happy.

On the baby front, I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and the babies are both fine and I can feel them kicking now.  There hasn't been anymore bleeding since the last episode and I hope it will stay that way.

Also, there was a buck (deer) in our backyard and at night, I can hear owls hooting.  It's great to be back in the country!

Lastly, I am in love with my wife.
Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Please don't take my sunshine away."

I really don't like this whole bleeding while pregnant thing.  And not even because I'm bored and about to develop bedsores.

I was already anxious about being pregnant.  It was scary enough to know that finally, after all the IUI's and IVF's, I had creatures growing in me and that something could go wrong at any minute.  Now that something has officially gone wrong, I feel like this ticking time bomb.  I can always tell when I'm going to bleed because I can't sleep the night before.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Take me home, country road"

Also, in an amazing turn of events, the house we put an offer on (and on which we were outbidded by another buyer) has just become ours!  Like 5 minutes ago.

Babies and a house?  What am I like 35 or something?

"Sittin' on the dock o' the bay, wastin' time."

My ass is numb and I'm bored.


Because this couch I've been sitting on for the last 6 days is incredibly uncomfortable and daytime TV is just so damn trashy.

But Courtney, why are you sitting on the couch when you are supposed to be at work?  Have you won the lottery?  No, that can't be it... you would have bought a new couch...

+10xp for logic.  No I have not won the lottery.  Instead, I have developed a subchorionic hematoma also known as a perigestational bleed.  Thus, I have been placed on bed rest until further notice.


Exciting, I know.  It all started very early in the morning last thursday.  At about 5 AM, I was making my routine 16th trip to the bathroom because my bladder is now the size of an electron.  Much to my dismay, when I reached the bathroom, I was greeted by the sight of blood dripping down my legs.  Calmly, I screamed "What the fuck?" at the cat who was sleeping in the bathroom sink.  As the cat fishtailed out into the dark hallway I took a deep breath to gather my wits and proceeded to tear into the bedroom.  Not wanting to scare my sleeping wife I gently and rationally shoved her awake screaming "Get up I'm bleeding!  The babies are dying!"

8 hours later, we returned from the emergency room with our diagnosis and two very healthy fetuses still swimming around though the radiologist wouldn't show me the ultrasound images.

I saw my OB on monday.  This time, I was able to see the ultrasound.  Fucking Wild.  The kids have feet.  And legs.  Skinny creepy fetus legs.  And they were doing handsprings.  Literally.  Two creepy fetuses practicing Le Parcour inside me.   OB confirmed my bleed but said it was on the small side so that was good news.  However, I am not allowed to leave the house on foot for longer than 5 minutes for at least the next two weeks.  I am also not allowed to have orgasms.  Yes, I'm home alone, filled with raging hormones and have complete, unfettered access to a universe of online porn.... the agony.

I AM allowed to do light housework for short increments.  Oh Joy.

So, here I sit, bored with a numb ass but grateful that I can still be a jungle gym for the kids.
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"It's gettin' better everyday!"

Clearly it's been awhile.

-I'll be 10 weeks on friday.
-Guac and Tac are both fine as far as I know, though my last ultrasound was at 8 weeks.
-Morning sickness finally showed up wearing her bells on monday morning.
-Pregnancy has rendered me unable to parallel park (?!)
-I am exhausted.
-I'm starting to look somewhat bigger.
-I'm craving apples, salad and chili.
-We put an offer on a house in CT.
-I'm so excited about starting my grown-up life I can hardly stand it.

Also, I'm pregnant.

Like, for real.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue..."

Today's post was going to be called :

"If I'm pregnant, how come I still feel infertile?"

Alas, that post will have to wait for another day.

Instead today's post will be called:

"Do twins really need two cribs or can they share?"

Yep.  Guac came with a sibling.  Meet Taco (Tac).

We found Tac during our ultrasound yesterday.  I have to say I'm much more excited that I imagined I'd be at the prospect of twins.  Of course, it instantly compounded my anxiety that something horrible would happen and .... lets not even go there.

"Full On, Double Rainbow, All The Way!

Glad it wasn't a triple rainbow...
Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Goodness gracious great balls of fire"

Yesterday was the second beta...

530-ish (yeah I forgot to write the exact number down... )

He said that was right on track with a doubling time of like 1.75 days or something.

Hooray for the little guacamole (hereafter known as "the guac")

We surprised my mom with the news last weekend.  Good story!  Here's the email she sent out afterwards:

Great news family and friends,
Courtney and The wife are having a baby!!!!!!  Yay!
And here's how they told me.....
Last night I was out with my sisters, cousin and aunt to see "Eat, Pray, Love" and then have dinner at the diner. 
After finishing my rather mediocre quesadillas the waitress came up to our table with this gi-normous napoleon pastry and asked if one of us was Vicki Brooks.  When I said it was me she plopped the giant pastry down in front of me and said, "Congratulations, Grandma, from your soon to be first grandchild!"
After I stopped screaming, crying and shaking I lunged at the waitress with the biggest hug and thank you.  The whole place started clapping.  It was all very exciting.  But the fun was not over.  I ran out to call Scott to congratulate him only to find out Scott had know since Tuesday.  I also found out I'm to refer to him as "Pappy" from now on!!
So then it was time to call Courtney and Wife.  I was barely making sense while I blubbered out the story of how the waitress told me.  They were laughing and let me know they had called all the diners in a 20 mile radius from the movie theater because I wasn't at the Mohegan Diner where I said I would be.  We decided on a different one closer to our cousin and aunts home.  The girls told me there were waiters walking around all these diners with napoleons in their hands asking everyone if they were Vicki Brooks.  The funniest thing was that in one of the diners (the one we were originally supposed to go to) there was a group of 6 women talking about the movie.  Imagine the shocked look on their faces when their waiter came over to announce congratulations for you first grandchild!!!???
Well, we had a good laugh over that and I hung up to head home and hug "Pappy" over our good news.
When we got home Scott met us down in the basement to help us carry stuff up (in case we had done any shopping, which, oddly enough for us, we hadn't).  I did have some trays that my sister had given me and when I got in the house I went into my "brand new Butler's pantry in my brand new craft room" (thanks Steven, for moving out) and who was sitting there but Courtney and Wife.  Another scream and before I knew it we were hugging and jumping for joy (and a little crying on my part).  What a wonderful way to find out such terrific news.  I'm so honored they went to all the trouble to make this such a joyous time for me.
So now we enter a new chapter in our lives....the love 'em and then send 'em home chapter!  Please say a prayer for a strong, happy pregnancy followed by a healthy little bundle (or bundles....we don't know yet, could be twins) of joy!
Love, Vicki
P.S.  Both of them are already glowing!

How awesome are we?

This baby is going to be a rock star!